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Africhic Interior Design

Interior Design

Design styles should be appropriate to the design, period and architecture of the house. The style of the house and interior design should ideally have something in common.

Africhic Furniture Range

Furniture Range

The base note, or base colour that lingers and remains constant is the Wooden Spice. It reminds of earthy tone and incense. It is the ground on which home are built and the wooden furnishings placed within.

Africhic Architecture


When designing interiors, the Interior Designer needs to address several architectural systems, interior finishes and interior components.

Africhic Project Management

Project Management

A project cannot be managed without an interior designer involved with the completed picture of the design of spaces, interior and landscape. The Africhic TEAM will work together to create the masterpiece each individual client has in mind according to design elements and principles.

Africhic Artwork and Framing

Artwork and Framing

They become beautiful and exciting, captivating windows to other worlds.

Africhic Lighting


Light is a design medium, just like colour, pattern and texture.

Africhic Wall Finishes

Wall Finishes

The walls of interior spaces will set the style for whatever scheme will be chosen. Authenticity of style should be considered when selecting wall materials.

Africhic Flooring


Flooring sets the canvas for the interior design of a room. It is the anchor and the backdrop for the design picture to emerge.

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